Gummies 10 Ct. 50mg CBD

Planted Root Farms® has mixes top-of-the-line, organic hemp-extracted CBD to create tasty edible gummies. You will enjoy our unique product in a safe, fast and effective way to digest all of our delicious dosage.




We designed our best-in-class gummies that may help improve the overall quality of life and ease the stress associated with daily tasks.


No gimmicks. Just pure CBD Isolate to improve who you can be. 


Because we own our farm, and control the oil concentrations from plant to bottled product, our concentrations are consistent. We verify this important aspect of the process, unlike some of our competitors, because your health and satisfaction are paramount to us.


We have experimented in our lab, for years to figure out the best formulation that produces an easygoing taste, and for which we have minimized the bitter sensation often associated with the high concentration of CBD isolate.


Concentration Above the Rest


Our Premium Extract dosage is at 50mg per gummie. We lead the industry with this high level of concentration because we own the oil from the start of the extraction process. For quality control and food safety, all our formulations are independently tested by 3rd party labs. 


Our Customers Love Gummies


Great for events, parties, social gatherings and even family events, you decide when and where these gummies are best for you. Eliminate any worry associated with THC gummies, since our CBD doesn’t produce a “high” effect.


• Take a gummie in the morning to start your day

• May reduce nerves before a stressful event or a social gathering

• May relax your nerves prior to a golf outing

Gummies 10 Ct. 50mg CBD

  • Superior Full Spectrum Hemp Extract in every product batch


    High-quality manufacturing process for wholesome hemp properties


    Third-party, ISO-certified lab tested to ensure safety and effectiveness


    THC is below >0.3%


    This is the nature of Full Spectrum Oil, which unlocks the entourage effect. This means all the phytocannabinoids may help support you personally. Nevertheless, please make sure you understand any applicable laws, regulations and/or policies of your employer, prior to enjoying Planted Root Farms®’ gummies.