Glow Serum 300mg CBD

Discover the power of Planted Root Farms® GlowFace Serum.


Our technicians have gently introduced CBD to our unique blend of ingredients that may naturally strengthen your skin’s collagen. The result? Firmer, brighter skin that may reduce signs of aging. The serum acts as a moisturizer that hydrates for visibly softer & smoother skin.


Ingredients That Work

Cannabinoidiol - May help the skin when combined with the ingredients below.


Hyaluronic Acid - HA appears naturally in the skin to retain its moist and soft qualities. As we age, our bodies slow the production of HA, thereby increasing the likelihood of moisture’s exiting the skin’s surface. By applying HA topically, skin moisture is retained; that may create a healthy, vibrant appearance and results.


Vitamins - We incorporate Vitamins C & E in our serum.

Glow Serum 300mg CBD

  • Cleanse skin. Apply 1 to 2 pumps, allowing the serum to penetrate the skin completely. 


    Use twice a day: morning, evening or as needed.