Hemp Education

"We shall, by and by, want a world of hemp more for our own consumption."

 ~John Adams U.S. President

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Relief Scale: Medium

Sublingual Relief Scale: Fastest

Sublingual systems which include tincture oils and other concentrates that are placed under the tongue can be very effective. Generally these can be felt within 15 minutes after application. This is quick and easy way to consume CBD. Many of these products come in Full Spectrum, Isolate or Broad Spectrum.

Relief Scale: Fastest

Capsules Relief Scale: Fastest

Capsules can be infused with Full Spectrum or Isolate. They also can be enhanced with ingredients that support a healthy life. These are the fastest cleanest way to consume CBD and can be easily transported. The effects really depend on the release from the capsule as well as the body absorbing the CBD in the stomach. 

Relief Scale: Slow

Edible Relief Scale: Fast

Hemp can be infused into a multitude of edible products making this the most tasteful delivery system. These products can be Isolate, Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum and will taste differently depending on the form. This can take up to 1 hour before you feel the effects after eating it. We recommend sticking with the dosage on the bottle because of the long delay on these products. 

Relief Scale: Slow

Topical Relief Scale: Slow

Infusing hemp extracts into lotions, salves, oils or other topical systems is another good way to target certain areas. You can apply these systems directly to the area and may get relief instead of consuming CBD into your body. These are all applied externally and can be applied through pumps, rollers or brushes. 

Relief Scale: Fastest

Vape Relief Scale: Fastest

Vape systems come with hemp oils in a cartridge that is heated up to vaporize the oil so it can be consumed in mostly in the lungs, similar to smoking flower. There is no toxic smoke cloud produce from this which makes it a bit safer. Make sure to consume same certified vape cartridges. 

Relief Scale: Fastest

Flower Relief Scale: Fastest

CBD flower can be inhaled through multiple smoking systems. The flower is burned in pipe, bong or a pre-roll. When inhaled the CBD is absorbed into the blood stream through the lungs mostly. At this point all the cannabinoids in the plant will be transferred to the body including THC if its present in the flower. 

"Make the most of the Indian hemp seed and sow it everywhere"~ George Washington